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Bio Rings
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Our Bio Rings are an excellent substrate for nitrifying bacteria and provides rapid reduction of organic waste; their optimum surface area supports large bacteria colonies.

Provides rapid reduction of organic waste.

Optimum surface area supports large bacterial colonies


  • Great biological filter media
  • Fresh or saltwater
  • Great for filtration
  • Maintain efficient biological filtration or a healthy aquarium environment

Extremely porous ceramic media for efficient biological filtration. Hollow design effectively distributes water flow and allows massive colonies of beneficial bacteria to grow on and inside each ring. With NEW improved formulae – contained lives beneficial bacteria in ceramic rings. When the ceramic rings are placed in the media compartment, the beneficial bacteria will revive! Your biological filter will quickly work actively. It helps to cut down bacteria build up time and in such you could introduce fishes to your aquarium quickly.

JBJ Ceramic Rings can be reused many times. As the massive development of bacteria may clog the fine pores after some time – depending on the fish stock – about half the ceramic rings should be changed every 6-12 months.

Great for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. JBJ Ceramic Rings are designed for use in all filters. For optimum biological filtration, use 1 liter per 75 gallons of aquarium water.

Directions for use

One 1-liter bag of Ceramic Rings should be used for every 75 gallons of aquarium water.


Bacteria will colonize in Ceramic Rings within several weeks. The use of bacterial additives, such as Stress Zyme, will help in the development of the biological filter.

With normal use, JBJ Ceramic Bio Rings will not need to be replaced or cleaned. A brownish film growing on the rings indicates good bacterial growth. This film should not be cleaned off. Continuous water flow is necessary to maintain living colonies of beneficial bacteria.